Caffe Nero

I was commissioned by Caffe Nero this week to create a exciting cover promoting fundraising events and a header for a booklet that has a guide on tips on how to host a great fundraising day inside! Stores across the UK will be holding charity fundraising events to help the community. This is a big thing in Caffe Nero at the moment! Caffe Nero has a history of building strong community connections and their aim is to make a difference in people lives. Each year The Caffè Nero Foundation will make a grant to two individual stores and their chosen charities by doubling any funds they raise. Exciting stuff! nice to see a big company helping out communities across the UK!

I thoroughly enjoyed this brief!  The brief needed to include the make a difference logo and photographs of a charity event and a set colour theme. The colours were blue, pink, yellow, green and black as seen on my Illustration below. This was a refreshing challenge for me as I’m not used to using so few colours in my work. I am extremely happy with the end results!

Caffe Nero make a difference2






















Nero banner2