Mail Art

Today I sent my Mail Art for ‘Mail Me Art 3′. I hope it arrives safely and in one piece! The MMA3 was established by Darren Di Lieto, who created  ‘The little chimp society‘. I normally create my work digitally with a Wacom tablet using PhotoShop as I am able to zoom in close and add plenty of detail. Having to send the original piece through the post I needed to decide on a media that I thought would work best, waterproof and durable for the bumpy journey!

The idea came from inspiration of 1950s holiday posters, hence I used a limited colour palette of yellows, blues and oranges. I made my own envelope as I was able to pick my preferred paper to work on. And then the fun began… I used acrylic paints to create the illustration, selecting a small paint brush to create the finest details. Once the painting was complete it was transformed into an envelope, a very unique one at that I must say! On went the stamps and off in the post it went!

This piece will be exhibited at The Framers Gallery in London in July amongst other Mail Art. Below are some photographs of the piece in its process.

“We are proud to announce we’re going to be exhibiting ‘Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet’ at The Framers Gallery from 30th July – 3rd August 2013. The gallery will be open Tuesday to Friday from 10am – 5.30pm and 11am till 5pm on Saturday. All of the mail art will be on display and the new book will be available to buy and browse .

step 1 mail art










mail art 2























I may have to create a digital version at some point just to add a few little touches!