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Colour Collective- Twinning

This weeks Colour Collective was #peach. It took me a while to decide what to do for this weeks colour and this is where I ended up…

Meet Rita and Rose identical twin sisters. They are very different in many ways.

Rita hates to wear dresses, loves climbing and likes to find snails for her snail circus which she one day hopes will make her rich and famous. Her general mood is grumpy (when she’s with other people, particularly when Sid the annoying neighbour is asking her questions) and is most content and incredibly inquisitive in her own company.

Rose loves anything pretty and frilly, likes to play dress up especially on their Aunt’s dog (Lady Peaches) when she visits. Her dolls go everywhere she does. She once cried all night because one of them got left behind on a day trip to see Grandmama.

Despite their differences mother always insists on dressing them the same. As you can see Rita is not a fan.

I think I have a thing about drawing red hair at the moment too!

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